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It is a mandatory requirement to register a new company's name with Immigration Department and the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs. Since most of the companies recruit their employees from abroad it needs to register a file at the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs and Immigration Department once they received their trade licence. Without registering with both these departments an entity cannot employ its staff.

Upon registering the company/entity shall be issued a registration card from Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs called 'Establishment/Labour Card'. The card issued by Immigration Department is called 'Establishment/Immigration Card'. All the visa applications submitted to both the departments should be accompanied with copy of the above 'Cards".


Employment Visa or Permit shall be issued by the Immigration Department for a foreign national in order to work in a company in UAE after the approval from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Employment permit/visa allows the holder to enter UAE once for a period of 30 days and are valid for a period of 2 months. When the employee entered the country on the basis of the employment visa the sponsoring company should arrange to complete the formalities of his residence stamping. It is the preliminary stage to arrange for the health card and medical fitness examination for the employee from a government health center. The employee must undergo for a medical test and obtain a medical certificate. Once the medical certificate is issued by the health department an application for Labour Card should be submitted to the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs within 30 days of the employees entry into the country. The next step is to submit the application to Immigration Department for stamping the residency on employee's passport. All the above formalities should be completed within 60 days of the arrival of the employee in UAE.


A residence visa is required for those who intends to enter UAE for living indefinitely with a person who already a resident of the country. This type of visas are issued for wife whose husband or son/daughter whose parent is employed in UAE, It should be noted the person who is a resident of UAE stays more than six months period at a time out of the country his permit becomes invalid.